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Welcome to the Education section of Jes.us®. The purpose of this section is to educate, stimulate your interest, and provide testing and assessment capability for self evaluation or as part of courses―all related to the Bible or Christian-related topics. Your participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Courses and Self Study 

Currently under development, this is where Bible-related courses and self study will be linked, listed, and described. Many will be tied to the testing and assessment program below.

Testing and Assessment

This section provides self-improvement testing and assessment. More tests and improvements are planned. With only minor exceptions, the sequence for each test encompasses the following steps:

  1. Read and agree to the Terms of Use
  2. Optional registration, one time only
  3. Select the test
  4. Login (if previously registered) and take the test
  5. View the test results
  6. Complete an evaluation (selected test situations only)
  7. Complete the process and receive your test results by email (if registered)
 Step 1 

Click the button below to first read the Terms of Use.

By continuing to the next steps, you are affirming that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use.

 Step 2 

You may optionally register if you want to receive an email record of your test results. Please click on the button below to optionally register. If you have previously registered, proceed directly to Step 3.

 Step 3 

Next, select the test you wish to take by clicking the button to the right of the test title. The tests do not have to be taken in any particular order.
Test 1—Messianic Prophecy. This test is moderately difficult.
Test 2—Messianic Prophecy Advanced. This is an advanced test and should challenge experts.
Test 3—Messianic Prophecy Advanced. This is the same as Test 2, but with an additional course evaluation step demonstration.
Test 4—Messianic Prophecy. This is the same as Test 1 above but with a random question feature demonstration.
Test 5—Messianic Prophecy. This is the same as Test 1 with random question diplay but with fixed question order in reporting.
Test 6—Messianic Prophecy. This is the same as Test 1 above but with a 300-second time limit.
Test 7—Messianic Prophecy. This is the same as Test 1 above but with a 60-second time limit.
Test 8—Messianic Prophecy. This is the same as Test 1 but with a test count feature for registered users.

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